Mother’s Day

Thank you to each one who mothers children, parents, nieces, nephews, friends, animals and plants. I hope that on this day, which is painful for so many, we can unite in love for one other. Nancy, a dear woman who adopted me as her goddaughter years ago, wants me to tell people not to lose hope. She says light always overcomes the darkness. Her work as a shaman and healer centers on this truth. We live in hard days, but keep hope alive, Nancy says. When I call her she tells me, Sweetie, it’s going to be okay. Words all our souls long to hear…

How are you? I think about people maneuvering through the pandemic to what we want to be the other side. Yet, there is no green light telling us to go quite yet. I am pausing today to remind myself that I am doing the best I can, and it is enough.

Katherine May’s book Wintering is in my hands. Her podcast interviewing people who have “wintered,” or gone through hard moments, is comforting this year. May says “winter is not the death of the life cycle, but its crucible” (14). A crucible, a container, an earthen pot that collects metal… Even in spring, the winter of isolation and pandemic still feels close.

No one knows what the effects of isolation will be for any of us, especially our children. We wait and breathe into each moment. Tulips are opening as we await snow showers this week in Colorado. I think of you often, Reader. We are in this time together, and I wish you quiet moments this Mother’s Day whether all your people are alive and with you, or you have lost a child or a mother and your heart aches. Please keep in touch here or on Instagram. I am @labyrinthofmyheart.

Updated classes are online with my class for providers and others on bereavement work in pregnancy and after birth is set for September. I have designed other classes too on gardening and mothering. You can look at my classes here:

A few publications have come out, and the one that excites me most is a poem called “Map” from my novel manuscript that came out in HerWords. Links follow to K’in Literary Journal and For Women Who Roar, both with two poems.

Author: Dianna

DIANNA VAGIANOS ARMENTROUT is a published writer, teacher, workshop facilitator and poetry therapist. She graduated from Adelphi University’s Honors Program and earned her MAW from Manhattanville College. Dianna’s pregnancy with her daughter, Mary Rose, who died an hour after birth of trisomy 18, changed her life completely. Her blog, Walking the Labyrinth of My Heart, was launched in April 2015 as a way of offering support to others going through pregnancies with life-limiting and fatal diagnoses.

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