Solstice Blessings

Solstice to solstice, it is summer now. 2020 brought many changes including remote school for my boy. Isolation. My first Easter alone with no family. Completing my novel about my Greek ancestors at strange hours. No therapy waiting rooms or church or family suppers or summer camp. And so, I do what I know. I expand my garden in joy and grief. I put my hands in clay soil. I dig and wrestle. I compost and plant.

Forgive me for my absence these months. Everyone I know was in survival mode, navigating a new daily life. How are you, Reader? How are you finding some joy in the midst of many losses and sorrows? Our world has turned more upside down, and yet…

Here in the heat of the high desert in Littleton, Colorado, tomatoes are blooming. Peaches made it through the last frost and roses are opening pink, opening purple, opening white. My hands are cracked and dry from hours in the soil. My creative self is sneaking moments to write at night, plotting and planning a trajectory for novel and poetry manuscript. If you are looking for me, I am in my garden hoping.

I respect each of you, my blog subscribers, so I am offering something new. If you would like to join a subscription that will include information on classes (I’m so excited about new classes) and writings and more, please subscribe here For a limited time, subscribers will receive a bonus video of me reading the first chapter of my novel. This is the way that my blog subscribers will only be notified of new blog posts.

All of my Pregnancy and Infant Loss classes are on zoom for the foreseeable future, and there are four options on my website.

If you are a lover of birds and family stories, I recommend Margaret Renkl’s Late Migrations: A Natural History of Love and Loss. Renkle writes “But the shadow side of love is always loss, and grief is only love’s own twin” (7). Let’s love hard, Dear Ones. We have work to do to get through these coming months whole, in unity. We can love each other hard enough to serve each other hope and help. I am here for you.